GRATEFUL DEAD MILESTONE #7 - Warlocks 89 - Matching Set


Grateful Dead Milestones #7 - Hampton, VA Oct 8 & 9 1989 Foil Edition

18x24 5-color screen print one on Holographic Rainbow Foil cover stock & one on french paper. signed and numbered timed-edition.

These special limited-edition posters will be available for purchase ONLY on starting now and will run through Friday April, 30th 2020 at 11:59pm pacific.

This will be a timed release, meaning we will take orders during the release period and once it's over we will print however many have been ordered. Once the sale is over, NO MORE copies will be printed... so make sure to grab one while you have the chance! As long as you purchase during this time period, you are guaranteed to get a print.

I often have folks complain that my posters are often too hard to get on release, so with this I hope everyone that wants one, will be able to purchase.

All of the prints will be signed and numbered by me, the artist and will be available in a regular ($50) or holographic ($80) foil version.

This is a PREORDER so allow us a few weeks to get them to your door. That being said, printing will begin Monday morning after the sale has concluded.

All sales are final.

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